A. J. Rowe

Little is known about Kansas City native Allan J. Rowe. His lone single, the two-part, two-step funk warm-up “Smoke My Pipe (The Sign Ain’t Right),” was cut at Cavern on April 22, 1970, under the watchful eye of John Hatton. The session was backed by AFM Local 34 card carrying members Hatton, William Hargraves, and John Moudy for a cost of $50.32, and tracked between 1 and 2 pm. Leasing out Cavern’s custom Cave imprint, Rowe then paid $16 for lacquers, $7 for labels, and $60.50 for 550 singles, all shipped via Greyhound bus from Precision Record Pressing in Nashville to his home at 2828 Prospect in the Key Coalition neighborhood. Nearly three years later, Rowe called in a reorder and was never heard from again.

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