Barbara Sipple

Intentionally or otherwise, Barbara Sipple's Barbara Sings For Life is a concept album. As the back cover notes, it is “a joyful celebration of everyman’s most precious possession, life itself.” Although the religious overtones are strong here, Sipple intended it to be more humanist than Christian. “Song For The Unborn” is a chilling number complete with heartbeat and narration from a fetal point of view, with an equally icy melody. The real standout however is “Song for Life,” a meditation on the death penalty and euthanasia. A single cello fills out the arrangement, adding a little more darkness to Sipple’s lament. Planned originally as a demo, the album was released by Lazarus Productions in 1973 after deals with Elektra and Columbia fell through. It was made available only at performances, relegating it to an unjust obscurity. While raising a family, Sipple resumed classical voice studies. She has become an internationally recognized and recorded opera singer under her married name, Barbara Dever.

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