Black Fur

Equidistant from Los Angeles and San Francisco, the valley burg of Fresno, California, was, for most traveling groups of the 1970s, little more than a pit stop for gas. In the Westside neighborhood, however, teenage brothers Jarvis and Jeff Henry, and their classmates Dewayne Johnson and David Wyatt, formed Black Fur in 1972. After gigging on the state's Naval and Air Force base circuit, they added Vicky Jones, Fred Walton, William Barnett, and John Sherman, and their manager (and Vicky's father) Vernon "Sarge" Jones hatched the idea of recording. $300 from the band fund covered the project at Don Barton's Bar-Tone Studios in Fresno in 1976. The 45 was issued on the Bar-Tone label, with leftover sketches for an album not making the cut. The loss of Bar-Tone to a 1979 fire sealed the fate of those never-released Black Fur works, and the rise of the DJ led to the demise of the band before the decade turned.

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