Cherry Blend

Eula Cooper spent her spare time during high school singing in the choir, leading to the formation of the Cherry Blend with two choir friends, Shari Billingslea and Deborah Tolls. Not pleased with the performance of another recent Note signing, the Atlantis, on their version of the Bill Patterson tune “Warning (Of Danger),” Jones re-cut the vocal with Eula’s new group. While the remake still left something to be desired, the other Patterson original “Love Is Gone” was a perfect fit. A sultry ballad in the Honeycone vein, “Love Is Gone” prompted King to pick it up for a national run. Unfortunately, the girls, including Eula, had dispersed to different colleges and the group wouldn’t be able to support the single. Jones assembled another group to tour behind the record, which actually managed to stick around a few years on the live show roster, but the single’s hit status failed to materialize.

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