Chocolate Sunday

Chocolate Sunday’s lone single is little more than a footnote of the December 2008 Sitting in the Park interview with Bruce Thompson amid a flurry of flights forward and backward into one man’s relationship with the record game. Thompson, an alumnus of Chicago’s Morgan Park High School, related his very early efforts with the Emotions, Raw Umber, and Airborne before delving into his work with 24-Carat Black. When Thompson was on keyboards with 24-Carat Black’s touring band, the group and producer Dale Warren had already made the brilliant, famously sampled 1973 Ghetto: Misfortune’s Wealth LP for Stax satellite imprint Enterprise. As Warren and Thompson were busy collaborating on a follow-up, Stax—and the group itself—collapsed. Alongside 24-Carat Black bassist John Walls and guitarist Rayford Smith, Thompson returned to Chicago and formed Chocolate Sunday, adding Jeffrey Clair and Reginald Morris.

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