Creations Unlimited

Under a spell cast by Jimi Hendrix, Funkadelic, and local psychedelic black rock heavies Purple Image and Stone Creations, Cleveland's Soul Radiants could no longer hang with the Motown sound. Group brainstorming convinced them that “what they could create was unlimited.” Thus, Creations Unlimited was born. The band adopted a heavy sound that crushed audiences at Sir Rah House, Pinwheel Lounge, and Punch & Judy’s. Two years later and without a record deal, the group pitched its original material to Boddie. Tracked in a single session on March 4, 1972, were “Chrystal Illusion,” an instrumental whose title obliquely expressed the band’s negative view of cocaine, and “Corruption Is The Thing,” a more overtly political statement drowned in heavy fuzz and cowbell. Soul Kitchen’s smoked-out label more than matched the record’s sound, but it was a solid pairing that nonetheless failed to deliver any commercial appeal.

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