Dean Francis & The Soul Rockers

Capsoul’s second-in-command, Dean Francis was already making his mark as a drummer while still a student at Franklin Junior High. His friendship with East High classmate Jeff Smith brought him into Bill Moss' orbit, but Francis’ pen soon surpassed even Smith's as the primary songwriting tool in the Capsoul woodshed.

His Soul Rockers combo featured Chip Wilson on alto sax, Ricky Redman and Randy Safford on tenor saxes, Terry Wilks on guitar, Jerome Brazell on bass, Randy Safford on tenor sax, and Steve Binns on keys. In 1969, “Funky Disposition” b/w “Tippin” came out on the Hillside label, before the Soul Rockers disbanded at the end of the summer.

After Capsoul shuttered, Francis continued on with Timeless Legend, Associated Press, and Sun. His ambitions were far-reaching, spanning the notorious 1973 rock musical Society Line and the widely-heard jingle for the Ohio State Lottery ("I Had To Play That Number"). In the 1990s, he’d team up with Germany's Poets of Rhythm for a pair of genre-blending full-lengths, his last recorded works before his passing in July 2012.

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