Eight Minutes

Ricky, Hank, and Ronald Goggins, along with Hedda, David, and Wendell Sudduth, formed the Soul Impacts in 1967 before being discovered by neighbor Doris Jones one year later. Jones released a hastily recorded version of “Here’s Some Dances” on her short-lived S.I.M. label before turning the group over to music biz veteran Jim Porter. After adding neighbor Juwanna Glover and conga player Carl Monroe, Porter did the math and rechristened the group Eight Minutes. In '68 and '69, he issued a crop of singles on his Jay Pee label, including a funky reworking of “Here’s Some Dances,” awash in kid-breaks and eerie vocal lifts. As the group grew locally, New York’s Perception label took note and eventually purchased their contract from Porter. The move spelled the end of their playing days, as Perception brought in a team of session men for their only album.

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