Despite performing live only a handful of times, the shaggy-haired trio consisting of, J.P. McLain, Dave Houk, and Barry Shank showed ample promise, especially in McClain's early '60s-meets-late '70s time-tunnel twisters and his distinct John Lennon-via-Elvis Costello vocal style. Their two sessions at Chapman in January and March of 1978 produced relatively uneven results. The label couldn’t see issuing “Some,” Cry,” “Limitation,” “Just Another Pop Song,” or “Baby Don’t Laugh,” as they lacked the intensity of a Gems’ live show. But “Save Your Money” and “Didn’t Like It Anyway” had something special about them, even if McClain’s vocals aimed a bit too true. Caution not being Titan’s forte, the first Gems single was penciled into the schedule.

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