Golden Echoes

Assembled in 1973 around an advertisement in Southeastern Georgia’s Claxton Enterprise, the Golden Echoes bounced around for 13 years before making their recorded debut. Helmed by Philadelphian Margaret Murray, with former 5 Roses Of Sharon members Viola Brewton, Brenda Carswell, and Frances Smith, the Echoes didn’t ring out until Frances’ younger sister Caroline joined in 1975. After extensive regional touring, the group found themselves opening for the Soul Stirrers, where Caroline met Dillard Crume, her future husband. Head over heels, Crume relocated himself and his faltering Crumco label from Chicago to Reidsville, Georgia, where he set his sights on producing the Golden Echoes. The backing band—guitarists Charles Wiggins and Ben Phillips, bassist Carl Wiggins, and drummer Raymond Cardwell—is responsible for the track’s unintentional, punchy post-punk sound.

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