Sandwiched between the towering soul capitals of Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., the city of Wilmington, Delaware, has never been known for its wealth of black music. Bringing together members from the other very few black Delaware groups, Inbassador began performing in 1974 and was comprised of James Bell, Grayson Allen, Robert Benson, Kenny Baynard, Mary "Miss Snow" Brown, Jimmy Shockley, Wayne Johns, and Lionel Caynon. The group secured time at the Electric Possum Land jingle studio in nearby Milford, Delaware, where they recorded the Caynon and Benson originals "Everyday" and "Everybody's Doing It" on their own LBC label in 1977. Several Inbassadors were ready to take the single to the world, but Caynon's pursuit of his master's degree solidified their stay-at-home status. Inbassador kept at it through 1989 as a weekend attraction, crossing over into yacht-soul territory as they found themselves in front of private parties and conventions.

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