Jimmy Jones

Jimmy Jones had become something of a journeyman at Twinight. He scouted, arranged, played guitar in the Deacons, and was a superb writer, with credits including Syl Johnson’s barn-door big hit “Concrete Reservation,” which he also produced. Though overshadowed by Johnson as a producer, he was still ubiquitous in the studio and had a few undertakings of his own. The beginning of 1970 finally saw his first attempt at a solo outing in “Yesterday’s Mistakes,” an exquisite ballad drenched in bittersweet strings and backed by a singular mopey bass line. The melancholy single had the makings of a hit, but Jones would have to wait a few years to find the charts with “Ain’t Nothing Wrong With Makin’ Love The First Night” on the Conchillo label.

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