Kool Blues

Hailing from Charlotte, Tennessee, John Primm and William Gilbert migrated up Interstate 71 to Columbus in search of work. After linking up with Mike Harris and "Shorty" Sheridan, the Enticers were born in tandem with the group's campaign for a slot on Bill Moss' city wide talent show. Busy with Capsoul's earliest signings (Marion Black and Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum, & Durr), Moss never got around to approaching the Enticers before natural selection had reduced the quartet back to just those two Charlotte natives, who re-dubbed themselves Kool Blues (a name inspired by a sign at a pub). Their two singles for Capsoul didn't quite rise to Marion Black's level or that of the Four Mints, but their collaboration with Norman Whiteside on "(I'm Gonna) Keep On Loving You" gave the Whiteside, a confirmed studio rat, his first label credit.

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