Millionaire At Midnight

The Titan chiefs made good on Power Pop ‘78’s promise of “Titan recording artist” Millionaire At Midnight. Led by multi-instrumentalist Brent Hoad, Millionaire At Midnight had been tearing up Tornado Alley for a few years with their own brand of original hard-pop. Their look was all over the map; dirt stick bohemia, All Things Must Pass-era Harrison, and what can only be described as proto-Kenny G meets Hall & Oates second-stringer. Songwriting duty was shared by Hoad and Kathy Buehler, with Karl Hoffman and Larry Bell filling out the rhythm section and Mike Bork handling saxophone and keys. The group was corralled into Chapman in April of 1978 to record what would ultimately be their only two songs. “Coit Tower” is the obvious stand-out here, leaning heavily on the Ann and Nancy Wilson school of rock, with Buehler’s blazing doubled vocal attack and clever guitar interplay. Four guitar solos? Cowbell? Check and check. The intended a-side, “Drink A Toast” is the perfect bar ballad, seemingly built for last-call jukebox spins. The track would later become a staple of the Secrets* repertoire, changed only by the band backing it, and eventually appearing on their self-titled Why-Fi LP in 1983. Millionaire At Midnight disbanded shortly after the session and the single was shelved.

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