New Testament Band

In Chicago's Bronzeville neighborhood, the intersection of 43rd Street and Forrestville is hallowed ground for New Testament Band's founding class. Comprised of Forrestville High singing students Anthony Thomas at lead and 1st tenor. Maceo Thomas at bass, Cornelius President at lead and tenor, Richard Washington at 1st and 2nd tenor, and Reggie Cotton at 2nd tenor and baritone, the vocal quintet's break came in 1971 by way of People's Gas employee Arthur Dubois, who approached the teens about cutting a record. Dubois called in a favor to the Pharaohs, who backed the newcomers for a session at Les Tucker Studios. "Dig It (Shovel)" was accomplished in one take, as was "Blowin' With The Wind," and the two sides were issued on Dubois's Tiki imprint credited to the Intentions. Just as Intentions 45s were being pressed. After graduating from high school, a few Intentions began commuting to suburban Aurora, Illinois, where the keyboardist from their former backing band, From The Womb To The Tomb, had secured a church gig. Cutting their teeth behind the pulpit, the group adopted The New Testament band as its handle.

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