Next Exit

Honorably discharged in 1968, with all four limbs intact, Joe Pipps formed Next Exit with bassist Bubba Goode and drummer Delbert Lejune. When Next Exit took Lowlands’ spare set of keys that summer, the trio was already being courted by several local producers, most notably Huey P. Meaux. For the first time since throwing open his doors three months earlier, Mickey Rouse fired up the console and let Next Exit do their thing. They raced through versions of “Take A Look At Your Friends” and “Gypsy Lover” and set off for Meaux’s Houston office. Meaux, a known swindler and a future convicted sex offender, immediately booked the band into Gold Star and produced a marathon session of first-takes. While Pipps took a lucrative gig in Los Angeles, Meaux surreptitiously sold the recordings to Mercury, renaming the band The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly and arranging a slapdash cover photo that included members of another band. Classic underhanded Meaux. Classic Lowlands luck.

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