North Shore

While attending Loyola Academy of Wilmette, Illinois, in the early 1970's, guitarist Marco Pisani and drummer Tom Munson played for competing rock bands. Pisani's Wooden Nickel partook of the homegrown "horn rock" idiom, covering The Ides of March and Chicago. Munson's Red Weed cornered the stoned hard rock market via Cream, Deep Purple, and Santana covers. It wasn't until graduation that Pisani and Munson teamed up to form Loyola Class of '74 supergroup Shattuck. While the quintet attended college, Shattuck stood in for a part-time job, winning frequent gigs at Chicago drummer Danny Seraphine's B'Ginnings in Schaumburg, Haymakers in wheeling, the longstanding metal stronghold Thirsty Whale, and Mothers on the Gold Coast's Rush Street. Personnel changes and internal conflicts inevitably weakened the band, and when Burns left to join Without Warning, Shattuck was retired. Dirk Brink, Tom Munson, and Marco Pisani soldiered on, adding guitarist and backing vocalist Neil Lewis and Marco's youngish uncle Mike Pisani on keyboards in 1980. Their slicker sound had the boys feeling worthy of that classed-up Northshore title. With Shattucks playbook under its arm, Northshore settled into a steady gigging routine.

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