After six years of back and forth between failed vocal groups at Bruce Clarke's CVS label in New Jersey and lurking in the shadows of Columbus' Capsoul concern, tenor Jimmy Radford traded hotel key for house key in Columbus and shacked up with Mary Guillaumez, recently separated from James Guillaumez of free-funk outfit Earth's Delight. Any bitterness over the love triangle soon dissolved when James and Radford became musical allies, and they were joined by Glen Dunlap, Reuben Washington, and Tim Whitmire to form the group Now. In 1976, Now began sessions at Mark and Donald Spangler's Kingsmill Recording Studio, where they tracked "Land of Now" b/w "Lovin' You Is Easy," the latter of which had appeared in an earlier version on Radford's CVS sessions that became the mysterious 1978 Graham International LP. The "Land Of Now" 45's label teased that its sides had been "Selected from the album In The Beginning", but that LP never did materialize, as Radford was underwhelmed by the single's performance. Through Stone Man Productions, Now locked down local residencies in Columbus, and the group lived on for a decade before crumbling in 1986.

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