Rev. R.L. Hubbard

Bit early in life by the preaching bug, Robert L. Hubbard delivered sermons to his high school lunchroom. He began singing professionally as a member of Savoy's Raymond Raspberry Singers. Hubbard turned up at Boddie in 1981 to deliver one of the most intense performances in studio history. Borrowing the essence of “Motherless Child,” Hubbard unleashed a torrent of assured belief in the last moments of the stunning “Child Of The King.” His unidentified backing musicians stayed solidly in the pocket, upping the hypnotic drive of Hubbard’s exaltation with every rim shot and organ vamp. Hubbard would never leave the gospel music business, mentoring hundreds of players, singers, and preachers at his Crawford Road Christian Church, and could be heard weekly on WABQ until his passing in 2009.

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