Ricky Allen

Ricky Allen was a former star on the comeback trail when he joined the rotation at Pepper's Hideout with Johnny Dollar and others for their 9AM "Morning Blues and Disco Party" every Monday. Born in Nashville and arriving in Chicago in 1958, Allen had a number of early 60s singles on Mel London's Age label, culminating with the 1963 hit "Cut You A-Loose." A few more singles from Allen failed to keep the Age venture afloat, and it folded in 1964. He moved on to the U.S.A. label for three singles, and then to the Four Brothers label, which operated out of Barney's One-Stop on West Roosevelt Rd. Allen made another attempt to cash in on "Cut You A-Loose" for Tom Lewis' Tamboo label before reconnecting with Mel London, who returned to the industry with the Mel and All Points labels in the late 1960s, issuing one single. He came out of retirement for his career's finest moment in "No Better Time Than Now," recorded for Offe Reese's One-Way label.

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