Sensational Five Singing Sons

Based in the confoundingly named town of North, South Carolina, this quintet—Jessie Jeffcoat, his older brother Dennis, Charlie Williams, Erskine Jones, and Nathaniel McNeal—came together in 1967. Jessie lead the group away from traditional material and toward his own compositions. Cashing in a modest treasury made touring up and down the eastern seaboard, in 1970 the Five rented out an aptly named studio—Mark V of Greenville, South Carolina. Though cut in-studio, “Share Your Love (With The Master)” begins as if the Sensational Five Singing Sons had set up their gear in front of a congregation mere minutes before rolling tape. Jessie shouts call-outs to the band one by one, beginning with Charles’ simple drum break, David’s bassline, and ending on a pair of clearly overdubbed guitar lines performed by at least one James. The song was eventually issued on the Church Door label, an affiliate of Wendell Phillips’ Shur-Fine out of Atlanta. The 45’s modest regional success led to a pair of higher-profile LPs on Atlanta International Records, a mid-major gospel concern.

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