Sharon Clark & the Product of Time

Nineteen-year-old Sharon Clark and husband Dennis entered the YoDi stable under Pierre Thigpen’s guidance, drafting songwriter Tyler Ludy and future Georgette Phyllis Boone to form her backing group, The Product of Time. “I’m Not Afraid Of Love,” credited to Sharon Clark & the Product of Time, ushered in lush strings and tightened arrangements that hinted at the act’s chart potential. A slick, multi-colored label was designed to give the 45 more pop in the bins. YoDi owner/producer extraordinaire Allan Merry went down to record in Memphis several times over the course of 1971, but no session was more productive than Sharon Clark & the Product of Time’s stint at Sun. The promise of “I’m Not Afraid Of Love” was delivered in spades on the Ludy-penned “That’s A Good Reason,” a sweeping ballad tinted by subtle strings and a stinging rhythm section. “It’s Not Your Business” was a serviceable side of deep-fried up-tempo blues, but it was the flip that sunk its hooks into Memphis jocks, who drove “That’s A Good Reason” all the way to #8 without a dime dropped in their pockets.

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