Sky's The Limit

Pittsburgh Pirates scout James Dye had a knack for recruiting talent, and in Gary, Indiana, Dye monitored a wealth of athletic ability forged at Theodore Roosevelt High School. To get to the ball field, he cut through the music room, and in 1973, Sky's The Limit was inside at all times. After meeting with the group's parents to discuss a musical training program, Dye opened J.M.J. Productions in downtown Gary and negotiated a residency at Clayman's, where Sky's the Limit opened for the Dells, the Delfonics, and Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes. J.M.J. scheduled time at Gary's Bud Pressner Custom Recordings, where the 1976 session was helmed by J.M.J. musical director Robert Lee. Nationally distributed by Nashville-based IRDA, "Don't Be Afraid" would be the Limit's sole release, though they recorded locally throughout the late '70s. J.M.J. shuttered in 1980, with Gary slumping, by then, into economic woe, and the group dissolved soon after.

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