Sons of Christ

The Sons Of Christ comprised of writer/singer William Rule and his brother Joe, as well as singers Chuck Jones, Robert Danner, and Dave Redmond. They recorded a string of self-released singles and at least one LP on their own SOC label, in addition to an LP release with singer Mary McGhee on One-Way. The lush instrumentation on "Wake Up Country" is atypical of the Cash Recording Studios sound. Gene Cash credits a local hippie who haunted the studio for this wrinkle. Cash, who was friendly with the free spirit, showed the man the gospel group's vocal tracks right after he laid them down, mentioning that "a fiddle would sound nice in the mix." The next day, the hippie-whose name has been lost to time-showed up to the studio with several of his female friends, charts written and violins in tow, to add an overdubbed string backing to the socially minded song.

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