Spiritual Believers

Brothers Simon and Nathaniel Congress and Walter Glenn got their first robes with the Heavenly Travelers. After a stint with the Cleveland All-Stars, Simon and Leonard Nicholson left in 1970 to form their own group, reuniting with Nathaniel and Walter and adding the Clevelandaires’ David Colter to the mix. Well ahead of the self-contained band trend of the mid-‘70s, Nicholson slid over to guitar and Eddie Eastly and Hubie Vaden were brought in to keep time on drums and bass. The Spiritual Believers’ first Boddie session was issued on the L&S label, but they moved to Bounty for 1974’s “Free From Sin” b/w “Sweet To Know,” the latter of which would appear on their album the following year. As their reputation spread outside of Cleveland, the group could be found tearing from one southern Baptist church to another in their Dodge Ram.

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