The Bats

Bill Murphy and Don "Riff" Fertman, along with Crayons Steve McLean, Seth Tiven, and Mark Mulcahy, had recorded and issued "Popgun" b/w "Tell Me Why" as the Bats, for Craig Bell's Gustav label. In light of the 45's modest success, the Bats moniker took wing once more, this time on an LP. "It's Not Easy," intended as the first single, got Track #2 on Side A-though its 45 never emerged from Bell's one man show. "Not My Girl Anymore," a last-minute addition to the tail end of Side B, brilliantly reworked an Excerpts song that never made it out of committee. For the cover of How Pop Can You Get?, someone swiped a stock image depicting repressed 1950s teens politely partying in the blandest of rec rooms. For the back, a cheap replica of that party was staged, streamers and all, suggesting that the Bats had arrived too late and everyone had gone home. It happened again...but nobody noticed.

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