The Cleveland Golden Echoes

Originally formed as the Five Echoes in 1948 by childhood friends Albert Scott and Robert Lewis, the Cleveland Golden Echoes grew into a multigenerational Cleveland gospel institution. By the 1960s, the group had solidified as an octet around Lewis and Scott, plus Jessie Allen, Eddie Patrick, Dan Wilson, Jimmie Hughes, Fred Jordan, and John Reid. After they'd toured in support of a minor success on Chicago’s Checker Records, Thomas Boddie was only too thrilled to sign the Echoes to Plaid in 1970. Considering that Plaid had been retired 11 years earlier, Thomas’ choice of imprint may’ve been a subtle poke at Checker, which had chosen not to handle a follow-up to the Echoes’ Old Time Religion LP. It wasn’t until 1974’s “Used To Live On Broadway,” issued on Bounty, that the group really hit for Boddie. Louise Boddie remembered it as their fastest selling spiritual release. Following the 1976 release of the Echoes’ 30 Pieces Of Silver LP, the group left Bounty and continued for decades, soldiering through the passing of cofounder Albert Scott in 2009, and the torch's pass to Scott's son Chris.

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