The Knights

Feeling the Baja release of “How Soon” drew the short straw, Tragar's owner/producer Jesse Jones decided to issue the hot tambourine-heavy instrumental version as “The Hump.” He’d need a matching b-side and turned to “Tipping Strings,” an unreleased song from the Bobby Lewis sessions. Jones stripped out the vocal and pushed the strings to the front, saving the otherwise unusable cut from the dustbin. The Knights were invented on the spot for the yellow-labeled release, assuming that if the material took off they could find a group of musicians willing to perform under such a generic banner. The familiar sounding record found its way to local play lists but couldn’t get over Atlanta’s cursed hump. This limited success, however, did get Jesse Jones thinking about again pushing himself as a solo artist. That his name was more marketable name than any of the dilettantes he was currently promoting was undeniable.

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