The Soul Ensemble

Enthusiasts of local Columbus music in the early 1970s won't remember any live performances by the Soul Ensemble because the group was a studio invention of Soul Partner #1 Ron Farthing. Farthing's day job was at the well-respected Mus-I-Col Studios on Columbus' Northeast side. Hired by studio owner John Hull as a jingle writer, Farthing could write, arrange, and play any instrument with high proficiency. "Melon Jelly" resulted from a scrapped jingle and additional studio wizadry that Farthing did as a lark. When Clem Price was talking to local musicians about submitting tracks for his burgeoning label, Farthing handed over these masters and was surprised when Price showed interest in them. The ironic Soul Ensemble moniker was their shared invention; seemingly to downplay the reality that it was not an ensemble but an individual behind this slice of instrumental soul.

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