The Soul Partners

Brothers Jay (bass) and L.A. Almon (guitar) grew up performing gospel music as part of the Almonaires before joining up with trumpeter Jimmy Norvet, drummer Ronnie "Buzzard" Threatt, and saxophonist Buddy Howard to back the Royal Esquires as the newly-minted Soul Partners in 1968. The quintet served as Bill Moss' go-to backing band for his holiday records productions and cut "Lose The One You Love" b/w "Walk On Judge" as the Soul Partners and "Look In The Mirror" b/w "Foot Loose" as the Vondors for the label in 1969. That same year, they became the Soul Ensemble and cut a lone 45 for Prix before settling in as the Buckeye Politicians, a name they refused to flip-flop on over the next 40 years.

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