Tickled Pink

Despite its reputation as a Lone Star State ensemble, not a single member in Clarence "Pinky" Pinckney's Tickled Pink is from Texas. Pinckney's Air Force enlistment brought him to Fort Worth, Texas before moving on to Guam, and then East Washington University, where he formed a combo with Mark Breeze, Billy Haddon, Larry Marshall, Mike Smith, Merlin Bell, and the snow-white Vicki Teller. The integrated Lamplighters relocated to Texas, but the patrons of the Fort Worth nightclub scene were still adjusting to post-Civil Rights Act realities, resulting in very few gigs. In 1971, the group renamed themselves Tickled Pink, and a year later they recorded "Reach Out (And Give Me Your Hand)" b/w "Never Can Say Goodbye" at Dallas' Sonic Productions for their own Pink Knip imprint.

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