Two Plus Two

Although Two Plus Two was long suspected to be a Wilburt Jackson and Cyril Clarke duo, they form just half of the equation. Jackson began with Clyde Wilson as the Two Friends, which recorded on Harvey Fuqua's HPC label. When Fuqua joined brother-in-law Berry Gordy in 1963, he brought Jackson and Wilson with him to Motown. Clarke began singing with the Majestics but left the group before they signed to Motown in 1963 as the Monitors. He later joined Motown as a songwriter and teamed up with Jackson, composing the Monitors' "Number One In Your Heart" in 1965. The other half of Two Plus Two, Lawrence Matchett and Terry Davis, joined them on the 1966 single, and the quartet gigged sporadically. Recorded in New Haven at Larry and Danny Lick's Sound Inc., the lone 45 was issued on Velgo, but the quartet didn't last much longer. As Clarke said, "It wasn't going nowhere, and one day I said to myself, 'I can't be doing this shit, I got too many babies.'"

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