True to its name, Wind modeled itself on the stage band blueprint established by Earth, Wind & Fire. Singing songs with a conscious message, the lineup featured Phillips, Burkes, John Savage, Thomas Slaughter, Carolyn Nelson, and Tyree Bell on vocals, with Danny Miller on rhythm guitar, Williams Parks on keys, Percy Fry on lead guitar, and the sibling duo of Stanley and David Hull on drums and bass, respectively. Eugene Phillips describes Wind as “a powerhouse…the strongest group I’ve been with.” Released in early 1981 on the Brown Productions subsidiary Eclipse, Wind’s “Don’t Let Them Tell You,” featuring Debra Burkes on lead vocals, rides a hillbilly riff over a strangely tribal drum rhythm and features plenty of harp swirls, a signature of Phillips/Cope productions. “People,” the B-side, was culled from the LP sessions and has the typical Wind sound: a strong bassline, scratchy funk guitar, deep synthesizer tones, and a minor key, harmony-laden message to the “people of the world.”

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