Cheap Nasties


53RD & 3RD



7in EP




Before the Scientists stormed Australia’s west coast in 1978, Kim Salmon and four friends began riding under the banner of the Cheap Nasties. Inspired by Raw Power, The New York Dolls, and Rocky Horror Picture Show, the Nasties were Perth’s most dangerous punk band in 1977. Their lone recording session took place at 53 Third Avenue, capturing 10 originals on portable reel-to-reel for maximum lo-fidelity. The band played a handful of shows before disintegrating into the Invaders, Manikins, and ultimately the Scientists.

“The Cheap Nasties’ repertoire had varied—a little too much, perhaps—from the more melodic ‘poppy’ end of the punk spectrum to fairly psyched out jarring Stooges/Modern Lovers style thrash-outs,” Salmon recalled. “The compromise of directions no doubt stifled the band’s potential… As one might expect of a band that was pursuing something unknown, there was more than one idea of what that thing was.”

Available for the first time since its recording nearly 40 years ago, 53rd & 3rd is available as a four song 7” EP (limited to 1000) or ten song cassette (limited to 100 copies), and is only attainable with purchase of Scientists: A Place Called Bad 2LP or 4CD



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