First Annual






The Eccentric Soul series was conceived of to document the most underground reverberations of soul music culture. Columbus, Ohio’s 1st Annual Inner-City Talent Expo might be the purest, deepest core: a collection of groups just barely exposed, most never even reaching the surface of conventional release. Just reading the names of the artists says more than any turgid hype sticker can achieve: The Forbidden Blackness, Young Underground, Spaded Jade, The Final Analysis, Brother’s Rap…. The latter does a kid soul rendition of Gil Scott Heron’s “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” for Pete’s sake! It speaks volumes that, by comparison, Timeless Legend—known only to the most cloistered secret society of soul music collectors—is the 1972 album's lone “known" quantity. To top it all of, the backing band is none other than the Suspicious Can Openers, who made their mark on the Eccentric Soul: Omnibus with a truly bizarre name and blast of crude funk on their sole 45. Both a monstrously fun soul LP and document of a unique cultural moment, 1st Annual Inner-City Talent Expo continues our thirteen year legacy of excellence.

Strictly limited edition of 1000. Only available with a Project Twelve subscription.



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