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*Fits under most airplane seats. A vital asset for anyone on the DJ spectrum, from dilettante to professional. For some, it's the ideal item for when you’re casually splitting a night with a few friends. For others, its a supplement to your other, much less-stylish bags. Whatever your category, this is the bag of record for the discerning 45 collector, for whom form and function are woven seamlessly into one. Sturdily constructed in Nashville by Tucker & Bloom with such confidence that T&B promises a lifetime warranty. Here are the specs: (1) waterproof ballistic nylon (yep, the same stuff made for those heroes in WW2) outside, (2) a shoulder strap with real Shearling wool, soft as the hearts of sucker DJs, (3) a rugged handle made of pure hand-tanned American leather, the same kind cowboys use, (4) two side pouches for your carefully-selected headphones and cartridge case, (5) a small zipper-secured pocket, perfectly sized for your passport, Platinum card, and a few capsules of molly, and (6) a Burgundy-hued inner sanctum where your rare singles are luxuriated in the velveteen-lining and secured with brass hardware. Holds between 70 and 100 7" records, variable based on how hot the heat contained therein.

Please note: this release does not include an audio download.

Click on the track to play a sample. If available for purchase, an MP3 is $1 or a FLAC is $1.50.


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