Collection: Eccentric Soul 45s

Soulful 7" Bundle
Like A Ship b/w Nobody Knows
Different Strokes b/w Is It Because I'm Black
Express Your Love b/w Cry Love
The Sweet & Innocent
If You See Me b/w Games
94 East
Yamar b/w Words To My Song
Dry Bread
Ringing Bells (Sweet Music) Part 1 b/w Part 2
The Young Senators
I'm Under Your Spell b/w Sunshine Lady
Mind & Matter
Because You're Funky b/w No Words
Funka Fize
Strange Happenings b/w Living In The Past
Unnatural Funk Band
I Love You b/w I'm Broke
Herman Jones
My Faith In You Is All Gone b/w Giving You The Love You Need
James Dockery
Acetate Box