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On their third and final album, slowcore savants Rex conclude their discography with a whisper, then a crash. Always innovative and never stagnant, 3 is an exercise in restraint. Hushed guitars and barely-there drums create an arcadian feel, until the sound explodes in a ménage of strings, from cello to viola to violin. Several tracks follow this pattern, like “Yah Land,” which builds to a splintering instrumental climax. Other tracks, like the Greek bouzouki-driven “Waterbug,” remain tranquil throughout, evoking English folk-rock more than Rex’s slowcore brethren. Dynamic and sprawling, 3 is a testament to Rex’s cross-genre genius.

Track List

  1. Rex Gathered
  2. Rex Jet
  3. Rex Waterbug
  4. Rex One Stew
  5. Rex Other James
  6. Rex Oafish
  7. Rex Balloon
  8. Rex Yah Land
  9. Rex Clean
  • Waltz
  • C
  • Ride Home
  • Seizing A Bufonite