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Alan Dunham

Little Sparrow b/w A Little Bit Longer

Alan Dunham’s life-long commitment to his introspective brand of folk music began in an old farmhouse at the end of a dirt road, recording songs with his brothers beside a kitchen oven during the bleak east coast winters to keep their fingers from freezing. At 18, he transformed his parents' upstate New York basement into a recording studio, which led to a period of wild creativity. “It seemed almost magical,” Dunham reflected. Sixteen of the tracks written in that frenzied ’79-’81 period became Flying Alone, Dunham’s lone, privately pressed LP. Throughout his career he worked tirelessly to establish himself as a songwriter and performer, he took his few wins with earnest humility, and the losses with patient resilience. Even today, you can find him in his Glens Falls, New York, studio, writing, recording, and playing music. “At 59, I’ve realized that music isn’t just one song, one year or decade, but that it can encompass a lifetime. Like life, it’s brought me to highs and lows and all in between.” Join us as we reinstate the Alan Dunham Fan Club.

"It’s not forever,” Alan’s Adirondack Community College girlfriend said speaking to their inevitable demise. The foreboding weight of their romantic hopelessness haunted him, and “Little Sparrow” was born from the heartache brought on by love’s impermanence. His brother Gary Dunham lends his edge on “A Little Bit Longer,” a Ray Davies style narrative loosely documenting the friction between his mother and father that lingered on long after their divorce. For Alan, music is often a form of healing, a way to process his relationships and find beauty in life’s most tender nerves.

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Track List

  1. Alan Dunham Little Sparrow
  2. Alan Dunham A Little Bit Longer
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