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Andre Gibson

Apart: Demos 1980-1984

After relocating to the historic South Side neighborhood of Pullman in the early ’80s, Universal Together Band maintained a rehearsal space in the cedar-paneled and tiled basement of group leader Andre Gibson’s home. In the days between rehearsals, Andre fully availed himself of the unit’s collection of gear to woodshed and hone his own songwriting. “I would introduce new songs, some would make the show list for performing and some wouldn’t,” Gibson recalled. “That’s how we had an all original set.” Although these eight tracks didn’t make it onto the setlist, several found their way into the world in other ways. “Valentine Lover” was written and performed for a friend’s February 14th wedding. “Quickie” was submitted to an ad agency for an Oldsmobile Firenza campaign. The “Breakaway” demo included here is of deep personal importance, featuring the only known recording of Gibson’s late wife Cynthia.

Track List

  1. [B]Andre Gibson[/B] [I]Don't It Feel Good[/I] [B]Andre Gibson[/B] [I]Thankful For You[/I] [B]Andre Gibson[/B] [I]Breakaway[/I] [B]Andre Gibson[/B] [I]Valentine Lover[/I] [B]Andre Gibson[/B] [I]Quickie[/I] [B]Andre Gibson[/B] [I]Stuck On A Thrill[/I] [B]Andre Gibson[/B] [I]Bring Me[/I] [B]Andre Gibson[/B] [I]I'm Falling[/I]