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People's People

People’s People finds David Lewis and his band of freewheelers stripping their sound down to the essentials. Emerging from the psychedelic haze, the trio find themselves at a crossroads of American southern rock and a pastoral English countryside and deliver an album with booming harmonies and transcendental hooks that could go head-to-head with The Band or The Allman Brothers. The final chapter in the Andwella story has all the makings of a classic LP, and if not for the Reflection label’s own chaotic dissolution around the time of the release, it probably would have been.

Track List

  1. Andwella She Taught Me To Love
  2. Andwella Saint Bartholomew
  3. Andwella The World Of Angelique
  4. Andwella Mississippi Water
  5. Andwella I've Got My Own
  6. Andwella Are You Ready
  7. Andwella Four Days In September
  8. Andwella Lazy Days
  9. Andwella People's People
  10. Andwella Behind The Painted Screen
  11. Andwella All For You