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World's End

In 1970, Andwella dropped the dream and woke up to a new morning sound that traded flutes for trumpets and shredding guitars for pounding pianos. With a little help from Bobby Scott, David Lewis proved once again his mastery over the craft of songwriting with “The Weight” style epics “Back on The Road,” proto arena-rock power ballads like “Just How Long,” and portraits of tenderness in the epic love song on “Lady Love.”

Track List

  1. Andwella Hold On To Your Mind
  2. Andwella Lady Love
  3. Andwella Michael Fitzhenry
  4. Andwella I'm Just Happy To See You Get Her
  5. Andwella Just How Long
  6. Andwella World's End Part I
  7. Andwella World's End Part II
  8. Andwella Back On The Road
  9. Andwella I Got A Woman
  10. Andwella Reason For Living
  11. Andwella Shadow of the Night