Album cover

Ascending Wave

Modulation Del Sol

Crystal Ascending Wave’s Modulation Del Sol is a tape that eluded the 200,000 attendees at Steve Wozniak’s 1982 Us Festival in San Bernardino. Woz’s three-day, twelve million dollar extravaganza featured video games, computers, robots, and lasers alongside Tom Petty, Pat Benatar, Fleetwood Mac, The Police, The Kinks, The Ramones, and The Grateful Dead. A domed shaped theater housed a proto-IMAX program called Journey To The Central Sun, with visuals by Emile Canning and music by Mark Josephson and Ken Stover. Think high energy prog-fusion with a new age slant. Cinematic and unabashedly affirmative—music for beating the odds and winning at life. A barely-distributed tape preserved the audio program and featured cover art by a firm fresh off designing the MTV logo. Find more on the festival here.

Track List

  1. Ascending Wave Modulation Del Sol
  2. Ascending Wave Ocean of Delight
  3. Ascending Wave Beam-Up
  4. Ascending Wave Beyond the Veil
  5. Ascending Wave Journey Home
  6. Ascending Wave Modulation Del Sol (Long)