Album cover

Blue Eyed Soul

You Ain't No Weight

Songwriter, producer, and organist Norman Marcelle is cryptic in his responses about his short-lived Brooklyn, New York, lounge duo Blue Eyed Soul. “It was a different time,” Marcelle said. Recorded and released in 1980, the album washes between vocalist Lynn Marshall’s wavering falsetto and Marcelle’s Lowery-brand organ, creating a stirring seven-song LP with few other rivals in the private lounge field. “Excuse me while I disappear,” Marcelle concluded.

Track List

  1. Blue Eyed Soul Ain't No Weight
  2. Blue Eyed Soul Burn
  3. Blue Eyed Soul Are You Listening
  4. Blue Eyed Soul Look Out For Shaft
  5. Blue Eyed Soul One Hundred Years
  6. Blue Eyed Soul Calling You
  7. Blue Eyed Soul Happy Day