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Burnett Sisters

Teen Age Widow

In 1972, Detroit’s Burnett Sisters were singing mostly standards and pop songs locally, when their distant relative Wardell Montgomery invited the four siblings to help him bring to life selections from Teen Age Widow—his self-published poetry chapbook—at the R.A.P.A. community theater. Crucial to the execution of “I Meant Every Word” is Dave Hamilton, whose crew at TCB studio made the recordings and instrumentation possible. Montgomery would continue working intermittently as a songwriter for Hamilton’s production company, but his four relatives have disappeared entirely.

Track List

  1. Burnett Sisters Girl On The Street
  2. Burnett Sisters Why - Poem
  3. Burnett Sisters Why - Song
  4. Burnett Sisters Drop Dead
  5. Burnett Sisters I Meant Every Word - Poem
  6. Burnett Sisters I Meant Every Word - Song
  7. Burnett Sisters Teen Age Widow