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Hovering somewhere at the intersection of Nirvana and Neil Young, Rex exploded—or drifted, rather—onto the slowcore scene in the mid-1990s. Taking its cue from bands like Codeine, which drummer Doug Scharin was a part of, Rex managed to synthesize the dynamic eruptions of grunge, twinkling guitars of folk, and sprawling string arrangements of chamber pop on its seminal 1996 album, C.

In recording C, Scharin, along with bandmates Curtis Harvey and Phil Sprito, created an untamable and uncategorizable beast. The album’s 11 tracks clock in at an hour and 7 minutes, most often winding from folk warbles to distortion-drenched power chords and back. End-to-end, listening to C feels like being granted access to one of the band’s most unfettered jams.

Track List

  1. Rex Morning
  2. Rex Ride Home
  3. Rex New Son
  4. Rex Critella
  5. Rex Audrey La 'Mort
  6. Rex Jubin
  7. Rex C
  8. Rex All Waves
  9. Rex Porcelain
  10. Rex New Dirge
  11. Rex Farther Along