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Candle Tribe

Nothing But A Feelin’

Taking a break from the gospel jazz funk outfit Telegram, His Eminence Sir André [Laflora] VII Honorable Earl Of Noisenburg began Candle Tribe to work out more eccentric, less direct ideas about spirituality. The Bible’s “Candle” and “Tribe” imagery were randomly concatenated to evoke new age spiritualism. Intended as a pastiche of Parliament, Andre Crouch, Prince, and Earth Wind & Fire, the band each adopted pseudonyms to further confound the customer and reinforce the shambolic, occasionally demented moments. Noisenberg, Lank Croon, Lenoir Pierre, Maybe, Precious One, and Ruben Franklin “Dee” booked time at Memphis’ Ardent Studios in 1987 to capture their brand of spaced-out R&B. The five song Nothing But A Feelin’ 12" was issued on the one-off Herald Acoustic Energies imprint, but lacking Telegram’s up-with-the-Lord messaging the 12” sputtered. The bulk of the EP’s one-time pressing were shipped to a west coast distributor, bearing no returns, or even returned copies. The Feelin’ was lost, and the Tribe disbanded.

Track List

  1. Candle Tribe Nothing But A Feelin’
  2. Candle Tribe Hunger
  3. Candle Tribe Daily Thang
  4. Candle Tribe Sweet Things 2 “G”
  5. Candle Tribe Candles