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Carol Hughes

Let’s Get Together Again b/w Don’t Turn Back

Reflecting on the duality of hope for reconciliation and steadfast belief that love will thrive in new flesh, Carol Hughes’ only single borrows a few bricks from the Wall Of Sound. Penned by Corby’s chief engineer Doug Cox, “Let’s Get Together Again,” cracked the local top 10 in 1966 and landed Hughes on Casey Kasem’s Shebang on KRLA-TV, showcasing the celestial transcendence of her vocals, which married late doo wop and R&B modes. The frenzied flip, “Don’t Turn Your Back,” ratcheted up the vocal passion into a memorable mid-tempo number punctuated by jazzy, R&B-inflected piano figures.

Track List

  1. Carol Hughes Let's Get Together Again
  2. Carol Hughes Don’t Turn Back