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The Girls

The story of Cleopatra is first a romance, then a tragedy—a tale of obsession, invention, and mortality that spirals out to include rapping cops, karate-chopping robots, and suicide-inspired religious conversions. With an interest in everything, Tommy Falcone tried anything, chasing the popular trends of the era and anticipating a dozen more: surf, soul, doo wop, girl groups, garage rock, novelties, exotica, pop, crooned balladry, teen idols, proto-punk, psychedelia, and more. Songs ranged over topics as wide as lovestruck ducks, sexual predators, and meta-commentary on the music industry itself.

Teen Expo: The Cleopatra Label covers but a small fraction of Falcone’s relentless output, as hundreds of his productions were shelved immediately after completion, unheard and unreleased, scattered for decades on dusty reels and lost acetates. From the chaste coos of the Falconettes on his first first composition “After All” to former Angel Bernadette Carroll’s lovelorn chuckles; the operatic wails of Harriet Rodgers to Vickie Sabrit’s unhinged, pop n’ roll “I Wanna Be A Winer,” Cleopatra Girls collects the best of Falcone’s girl group experiments.

Track List

  1. Vickie & The Van Dykes I Wanna Be A Winner
  2. Bernadette Carroll Heavenly (As Recorded)
  3. Vickie & The Van Dykes Baby I'm Crying
  4. Unknown Artist After All
  5. Bernadette Carroll When We're Older (Single Voice Version)
  6. Vickie & The Van Dykes True Love
  7. Bernadette Carroll Care A Little (Single Voice Version)
  8. Unknown Artist My Funny Valentine
  9. Bernadette Carroll Laughing On The Outside (As Recorded)
  10. Unknown Artist This World We Love In
  11. Vickie & The Van Dykes Outcast
  12. Bernadette Carroll Humpty Dump (Final Mix)
  13. Unknown Artist Same Mistake
  14. Harriet Rogers Parting Kiss