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Astral Travels

In a cottage behind Tinseltown landmark Hollywood United Methodist Church, Chip Weitzner forged an entire world. Astral Travels, released in 1979, is the culmination of years of improvised synthesizer and percussion performances, inspired by global travel and conceived from a rich inner life. “It’s a mellow, meditative, relaxing ride,” he said.

Weitzner at Zopa's Cave in Tibet

Track List

  1. Cobalt Harmonic Love
  2. Cobalt Moments For Magenta
  3. Cobalt Increasing Mountains
  4. Cobalt Regret Express
  5. Cobalt Into Forgotten Feelings
  6. Cobalt Clouds
  7. Cobalt Cinnamon Swirl
  8. Cobalt Inside Celeste
  9. Cobalt Departure
  10. Cobalt Sadly The Morning
  11. Cobalt Cyan Journey